Automation in the Workplace: Can We Trust its Use in Human Resources?



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Automation in the workplace has been increasingly used in Human Resource hiring processes in order to select the strongest candidate possible for a specific job role, but there are few researchers who investigate the use of these processes. Although the use of automation can alleviate the weight of intuition and biases that individuals sometimes rely on when hiring subjectively, it is still viewed as questionable in companies who are grounded in holistic hiring processes and may have not seen the first-hand benefits of automation in the hiring process. The main objectives of my proposed research are to understand HR departments’ current perception of automation in the hiring process, to identify strengths and weaknesses of mechanical hiring mechanisms, and to provide further implications for research regarding workplace automation. Understanding the trajectory of workplace automation will assist in pointing companies in a direction of more potential, bringing them closer to a method of hiring that selects the best candidate for the job while collectively assessing all factors that go into such a process. Furthermore, conducting research concerning automation may spark research questions regarding similar processes used in other scenarios, such as colleges selecting candidates for graduate programs.