A study to develop a model for the organization and administration of programs for language- and/or learning-disabled children in the public elementary schools of Texas



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Purpose. The purpose of this study was to develop a model which may be used as suggested procedures in the organization and administration of educational opportunities for language- and/or learning-handicapped children in the public elementary schools of Texas. Procedures. As a descriptive survey, data for this investigation were collected to reveal the factors which could be used for the development of a model. The design included a review of the legislation and policies of the states of the United States pertinent to children with language and/or learning disabilities; an examination of Texas legislation affecting education for language- and/or learning-disabled children; and the identification and description of public elementary school administrative and organizational patterns for these children in certain school districts in the state of Texas. A structured questionnaire was sent to all state directors of special education for the purpose of securing basic information about scope of programs, procedures for student selection, utilization of personnel, and class organizational patterns as they pertained to language- and/or learning-handicapped children. Legislation and policies asked for and examined were those in effect in June, 1971. A detailed examination of twelve school districts selected by the state of Texas to operate developmental classes for the language and/or learning disabled during the 1970-71 school year was accomplished through a personal interview with each program coordinator. A structured interview guide was utilized to gather data regarding administrative and organizational patterns. The data collected were analyzed and interpreted in order to determine patterns, problems, differences in approaches, and common program and organizational elements.



Learning disabled children--Texas, School management and organization