Attitudes of allied health educators in postsecondary institutions in Texas toward handicapped students



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Provision of quality education for handicapped students has been receiving increased attention since the early 1970's. Parents and advocate groups are demanding that students with handicaps be provided with educational opportunities that allow full development of their capabilities. Focusing on comprehensive educational civil rights, vocational preparation and employment, federal laws and litigation have provided the basis for the development of educational programs for handicapped students. Many handicapped students are doing college work, but the literature indicates that allied health professional programs have failed to meet their career needs. Roush (1986) suggested that allied health professionals perpetuate negative stereotypical ideas of handicapped people. Because these pernicious attitudes have such potentially devastating consequence, it has been suggested that persons who have them should be prevented from entering professions which interact with handicapped people (Yuker, 1977). [...]



People with disabilities--Education (Higher)--Texas, Allied health personnel--Texas