Effectiveness of the University of Houston/Baylor College of Medicine graduate program in allied health education based on the perceptions of its graduates



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Purpose of the Study. The University of Houston/Baylor College of Medicine Graduate Program in Allied Health Education originated in 1972 for the purpose of educating teachers and administrative leaders in allied health. Since its inception there have been 74 graduates (to May 1979). After seven years of operation, it was timely that an evaluation be conducted to determine the effectiveness of the program. The purpose of the study was to evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of the program based on the perceptions of its graduates. This appraisal of the program functioned to identify program and faculty quality as well as determining the extent to which the purposes of the program were being met. Procedures. 1. Information was elicited from the graduates of the program through utilization of a questionnaire which determined the perceived quality and effectiveness of the program. 2. The questionnaire made use of a Likert-type scale for responses with appropriate open-ended questions included. 3. Of the 72 graduates with available addresses, 67 responded for a 93.06 percent response rate. 4. Information gathered from responses included employment information, factors related to the program, overall program information, courses taken by graduates, facultystudent interaction, and personal expectations. Data Anaylsis. A descriptive analysis of responses was made. A Chi- square analysis was conducted to determine any differences between the graduates' perceptions of the overall scope of the program and several variables: age, sex, year of graduation, allied health discipline, degree received. [...]