The tangential velocity distribution in a vortex chamber



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The distribution of the tangential velocities within the vortex chamber is the major unsolved problem in the analysis and design of vortex amplifiers. It has defied accurate analysis, therefore, any tangential velocity profile across the vortex chamber must be determined experimentally. An attempt was made to determine a tangential velocity profile in a spiral vortex by an experimental method. A twelve-inch diameter open-ended cylinder with twelve tangentially entering jets was submerged in a tank of water and a constant temperature anemometer was used to take tangential velocity measurements radially across the central plane of the chamber. The tangential profiles demonstrated a rapid decrease from a maximum input to an almost constant value with decreasing radius. It was concluded that the centrifugal force of a fluid with the mass density of water causes the majority of fluid to flow axially instead of radially toward the outlets, even for very low tangential inputs. This emphasizes the need for closed ends on a chamber of this type. The velocity measuring technique proved to be a very good one, however.