Identifying Potential Modifier To Inhibit Uric Acid Growth in Dolphins



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Nephrolithiasis, also known as kidney stone, is found to be prevalent among mammals including dolphins and human. There are many chemical compounds that could cause urate nephrolithiasis including sodium acid urate, ammonium acid urate calculi, or uric acid the latter is our main testing subject during the summer. During this experiment, we use 2 main potential modifiers that our lab focuses on during the Summer, which are polyethylenimine (PEIM) and hypoxanthine (HPA), to test the efficacy of both inhibitors. To conduct the experiment, we will have solution with pure uric acid diluted with ammonium hydroxide to pH = 7.5 at room temperature; after that, we will then add in modifiers at different concentration to use for our microfluidics growth experiment.