Elementary level science inservice activities : an analysis and evaluation of a cumulative staff development program



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Elementary teachers are traditionally apprehensive about teaching science. Given that a teacher's attitude toward science influences both the time allocated to science and the manner in which science is taught, it follows that teachers' attitudes about science are important factors for determining both the quantity and quality of science instruction. Inservice education is one of the most important factors in influencing elementary teachers regarding science instruction. Studies to determine the effectiveness of inservice are needed to maximize the final impact of the classroom. The purpose of this study was to examine effects of combinations of four staff development activities that were extensions to a summer workshop in science on 1) the confidence in teaching science and 2) the commitment to the teaching of science by the workshop participants. Confidence was assessed using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and commitment was assessed using a scale from the Science Council of Canada's Questionnaire for Teachers of Science. [...]



Science--Study and teaching (Elementary), Elementary school teachers--In-service training