A Study of Neutron Production by Cosmic Muons in Liquid Scintillator



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The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment is designed to measure the neutrino mixing angle, θ_13, with a sensitivity of sin^2(2θ_13) < 0.01 at 90% confidence level. Neutrons produced by cosmic muon spallation constitute one of the main backgrounds, and an understanding of the neutron yield of a muon is important. Since Daya Bay has a very good muon tracking system, muon tracks can be reconstructed accurately. The neutron yield can be determined by constructing a fiducial volume around each muon track. The neutron yield is found to be of the order of 10^−4 cm^2 /µ/g for each experimental hall of Daya Bay. The results show a gradual dependence on muon energy, and are in agreement with other measurements. Since Daya Bay is capable of measuring energy deposition, the neutron events show enhanced energy deposition.



Daya Bay, Neutrinos, Muons, Neutrons