Rasterization of three dimensional multilayer geophysical model



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Multilayer three dimensional geophysical models are often used in seismic analysis programs. This project introduces a method to generate and rasterize the three dimensional multilayer discrete geophysical models. The geanetry of the model is input from a triangular mesh data file, which can be created either through a three dimensional graphics system or by keying in the coordinates in a predefined format. Layers of the model should be generated and rasterized separately, then using the rasterization program joined them one by one starting from the lowest layer. There are no limits to the number of data points of the discrete model. The output of the program consists of coordinates of data points along with the indices to distinguish different layers; this index file can then be attached with velocities or velocity and density attributes. In order to visualize the result of rasterization, a subprogram is included to extract a layer from the model and prepared it to be displayed on a graphics terminal.



Seismology--Data processing, Geophysics--Data processing