Radar cross section profiles of large cylinders



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This study covers the backscatter!ng response of a cylinder whose dimensions are large compared to the radio frequency carrier wavelength. The size of the cylinder was chosen as 20 meters in diameter by 40 meters long to represent a 'typical' large object in space such as the Saturn IVB booster. Carrier wavelengths of 2.700 cm to 3.234 cm were chosen. Scattering response to three different types of waveforms; continuous wave, coherent pulsed sinusoid and frequency agility are determined. In the case of the continuous wave signal the radar cross section (RCS) was determined for wavelengths of 2.700, 2.754, 2.808, 2.862, 2.916, 2.970, 3.024, 3.078, 3.132, and 3.186 cm; whereas, for the pulsed sinusoid, three different pulse widths and four different pulse repetition frequencies were selected. [...]