Criteria for removal of children from their own homes by Children's Protective Services



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Sixty seven CPS workers read three case summaries, decided whether to remove the child(ren) and gave reasons for their decisions. Respondents were asked for demographics and opinions which were hypothesized would influence their decisions. Respondents rank-ordered ten removal variables found in the literature. Sixty nine percent agreement to remove the child(ren) was found. The highest agreement on any reason was 21%. One opinion variable, the respondents' view that the danger to the child to remain in the home is more detrimental than the danger of separation trauma, does predispose respondents to remove the child(ren) (p.<.05). Employees with more than average experience placed children less frequently than employees with less then average experience (2-tailed P<.05, r =.197) Also, MSWs placed more frequently than non-MSWs (2-tailed p=.O16). Agreement on the rank ordering of the 10 factors from the literature was significant (W=.579, p<.001).



Child welfare--Texas--Harris County--Decision making, Social work with children--Texas--Harris County, Child welfare workers--Attitudes