Development of Commercial Cis-Lunar Space Station



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The current space program enables at most six astronauts to live and work on the International Space Station (ISS) at Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The growth of private space sector, however, becomes more and more realistic and affordable to access to LEO and cis-lunar space. Cis-lunar 1000 concept proposed by United Launch Alliance (ULA) aims to establish self-sustaining economy, which enables 1000 people to live and work in space between the Earth and the Moon within 30 years (2046). This project objective is to design commercial Cis-Lunar space station, named AXIS Space Station, to support space exploration beyond 2040, when Cis-lunar economy is expected to grow. The Design process is similar to system engineering. The concept design of AXIS space station is based on the system requirements, technical/ environmental constraints, and safety criteria. The conceptual design finalized through evaluation process, and trade studies for its safety provisions, emergency response strategies, and future growth potential.



Cis-Lunar Space Station, Lunar Space Station, Space Business, Ixion