The relationship between student attitude toward the VOE program and selected demographic variables in six Fort Bend County high schools in Texas



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The purpose of this study was to determine the general attitude toward Vocational Office Education (VOE) of ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade high school students enrolled in beginning typing and the relationship between a student's attitudinal score and his or her intelligence, sex, race, grade level, educational plans, and VOE enrollment plans. Procedures. Fifty percent of the students (508) enrolled in beginning typing at six high schools in Fort Bend County, Texas, participated in the study. Two measurement instruments were administered: (1) a researcher-developed general information and attitudinal assessment instrument containing 20 statements about VOE, to which students responded on a five- point Likert scale; and (2) the Shipley Institute of Living Scale Test, published by the Western Psychological Services Company, which yielded a mental-age score. [...]



High school students--United States--Attitudes, Vocational education--United States, Houston history archives