Alterations in chicken cerebrospinal fluid proteins by metabolic manipulation



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Before initiating a thorough investigation of proteinaceous components of chicken cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and possible hormone-barrier characteristics, it was thought desirable to gather preliminary data on normal plasma and CSF protein components by use of a polyacrylamide disc gel electrophoretic (PAGE) technique in addition to standard biochemical analyses. Fasting, Tolbutamide injection, and pancreatectomy were employed to alter plasma parameters and to witness alterations, if any, in CSF which occurred tandem to those observed in plasma. Fasting for periods up to 72 hours caused mainly a decrease in immunoglobulin (G and M), minor transferrin and ultimately major transferrin levels. Virtually all the electrophoretic bands in CSF samples were decreased during the first 48 hours of starvation, although at 72 hours albumin, major transferrin and IgM levels increased. Fasting was without significant impact on plasma or CSF glucose levels; neither did the starvation period alter plasma or CSF insulin levels. [...]