A survey of the interests, problems and needs of Clear Creek Junior High School girls for the purpose of planning a homemaking education curriculum



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The purpose of this study was an attempt to reveal felt interests, needs, and problems relative to homemaking activities of girls in the seventh and eighth grades of Clear Creek Junior High School and to interpret these findings so they may be used as a basis for suggesting learning experiences that might be incorporated into a homemaking education curriculum for the junior high school in the Clear Creek School District. This study was prompted to determine the best possible curriculum for the large number of junior high girls Interested in taking homemaking education. The necessity to discover some of the specific interests, problems, and needs of this particular group was evident. The procedure included a review of related literature on basic needs and characteristics of youth, objectives of the junior high school, trends in junior high school homemaking programs a study of the social and economic cultures of the Clear Creek Independent School District; and a report of the study with conclusions and recommendations. [...]