Validation and evaluation of CELLSIM : a comparison of cell kinetics simulation programs



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A generalized stochastic cell kinetics simulation program (CELLSIM) is evaluated and compared with other state-of-the-art stochastic simulation programs. A literature survey produced eleven appropriate programs, and examples from each program are simulated in CELLSIM. A statistical comparison of the resultant output is performed utilizing Pearson's correlation coefficient. Further analyses are conducted between CELLSIMs results and the other program's results with experimental data points by calculating the sum of the squares of the differences between the simulation and experimental points. Graphical results from each program for each example is provided for visual comparisons. The CELLSIM directives required to simulate each example are explained and a listing of the input directives is provided. On the basis of these analyses, CELLSIM is presented as an acceptable research tool for the cell biologist. Several changes are suggested to improve CELLSIM usage, and mention is made of a new modified version, CELLSIM II, which incorporate some of these recommendations.