Breaching the Luxury Real Estate Market



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Luxury homes are recognized when the sales price is over $1 million. In Texas, luxury homes account for 8.5% of all sales volume, with the median price being $1.35 million. With high levels of agent competition in the luxury market and the direction of IoT, the purpose of this research is to determine whether expertise in digital selling is the key to entering and succeeding in the luxury market. The scholarly sources referenced in this research contain results of social media marketing investigations that have proven success in the digital luxury market and are supported by the results of accounts on Instagram and YouTube. Findings indicate that establishing a thorough marketing plan and a clarified purpose for postings, is the best way to get strangers to know, like, and trust the publisher’s judgment before a personal meeting, thus increasing the probability of a luxurious sale in the near future.Keywords: real estate, entry-level agent, real estate agent, advertising, social media, Instagram, Facebook, digital selling