A descriptive study of basic characteristics of selected students awarded bachelor degrees at the University of Houston in June, 1966



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The purpose of this study was to determine certain descriptive characteristics of a part of the June, 1966, graduating class. The writer and Mrs. Mary Clements made parallel studies. The two studies together included over one-half of the students to whom Bachelor's degrees were awarded at the June Commencement in 1966. A total of 333 students comprised the group for this study. They were distributed between the two degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences as follows: 1. Bachelor of Science - 188 students 2. Bachelor of Arts - 145 students Mrs. Clements's study includes graduates from the College of Business Administration and the College of Education. The basic data in this study were obtained from photostatic copies of the permanent record cards and student files in the records office of the registrar. Descriptive characteristics were selected and a separate frequency distribution was made for each. A tally mark was made for each student on each of these distributions directly from the permanent record cards. The categories used to describe each individual were: (1) date of admission to the University of Houston, (2) number of hours transferred and the number of hours completed at the University of Houston, (3) number of semesters on probation, (4) number of suspensions, (5) number of semesters under a 'C' average, (6) number of majors, (7) quality point average, and (8) the sex of the individual. The following information was revealed: 1. The majority of the graduates were transfer students, although most did complete 90 or more hours at the University of Houston. 2. About 37 percent entered prior to the fall of 1962, thus taking more than the expected four years. However, the mode date of admission was in the academic year beginning the fall of 1962 and ending the summer of 1963. This is the year one would normally expect graduates in 1966 to have enrolled. 3. The majority of the group was never on probation and never suspended. 4. About one-half of the group had no semesters below a 'C' average. 5. The majority of the group had a quality point average ranging from 2.00 to 2.99. 6. The majority of the group changed their major at least one time.



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