A contextual approach to the teaching of two novels by William Faulkner at college level



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The purpose of this study was to explore a contextual approach to the teaching at college level of two novels by William Faulkner: Go Down, Moses and The Sound and the Fury. The approach was directed toward apprehending particular elements, structures, and relationships in terms of specific works of literary art. The study was not designed to contribute significantly to the body of existing commentary by offering new methods of interpreting the writings of William Faulkner. Guidelines already set by literary scholars were followed in examining specific works. Contexts, both literary and extra-literary, were limited to those within the scope of a general education curriculum at the college level. Basic to the exploration was the assumption that critical study enriches reading and increases the reader's ability to discover meanings and to make valid interpretations.



Literature--Study and teaching (Higher), Faulkner, William, 1897-1962