The relationship between self-actualization and the levels of facilitative conditions in parent-adolescent communication



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A study was conducted to determine whether the parental facilitative conditions of empathy, genuineness and positive regard, and parental self-actualization were significantly correlated with the self-actualization of their 15 to 18 year old adolescents. Self-actualization was measured by the Personnel Orientation Inventory. Facilitative conditions were measured by a global scale developed by Carkhuff for rating audiotapes. To control for the effects of a nonrandom sample, the following control variables were also measured: age, sex, birth order, religious preference, and experience with growth groups or counseling of the adolescent; political orientation, political preference, and strength of religious belief of the adolescents and parents; and level of education, marital status, occupational status, income, and experience with growth groups, parenting courses, Parent Effectiveness Training (PET), and counseling of parents. [...]