The determination of G-values in fission recoil radiolysis



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N[lowered 2]O was evaluated as a high-pressure gas-phase chemical dosimeter for fission recoil radiolysis. The precision for the measurement of total energy deposition by fission recoils in a high-pressure gas-phase substrate was determined to be [plus-minus] 12% over a density range of 12.5 to 127.5 g 1[raised -1] and a total absorbed energy range of 1.1 x 10[raised 20] to 9.0 x 10[raised 20]eV. Energy deposition efficiencies for individual fuel foils were calculated to range from 0.128 to 0.202 based on a total fission recoil energy of 162 MeV/fission. Employing the measured doses, G-values for the production of carbon monoxide from carbon dioxide by fission recoil radiolysis were evaluated as a function of carbon dioxide density in the range of 0.06 to 0.75 g cm[raised -3]. Nitrous oxide, sulfur hexafluoride, propane, and oxygen were used as additives for the evaluation of reaction mechanisms in the carbon dioxide radiolysis system.