Policy Carry-Over for Mobility in Software Defined Networks



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Due to increase in the number of mobile devices that are connected to a network, it is getting harder by the day to manage these devices while they hop between different networks. Network management often involves implementation of policies that are generic to all the devices connected to the network as well as the ones that are specific to individual devices. In order to support this type of network management, static policies have to be set up across the networks using middle box technologies like firewalls, network policy servers, authentication servers etc. These middle boxes control the activity of the devices connected to the network using the policies but are often home for a huge number policies that complicate the network setup and make policy management a herculean task. In recent years, the development of Software Defined Networking practices has made it simple and intuitive to instantiate programmable networks and automate different network functions. We propose a solution to automate the process of network policy management for mobility in a Software Defined Network. Using this approach, we can implement a solution that can dynamically carry the policies across the network as a host or device moves from one place to another in a network, without any action from the network administrator. Also, with the help of this implementation, we can automate the process of policy repair in the case of network changes or errors



Software Defined Networks, Mobility, Automation, Policies, Network Policies, OpenFlow, SDN, Networks