The impact of participation in an infant stimulation program on parental attitudes



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In recent years there has been an increased emphasis on infant stimulation for children born with handicapping or potentially handicapping conditions. The importance of counseling with parents also has been stressed (Tavormina, 1975); however, little is known about whether changes in perceptions and attitudes of parents towards their handicapped children result from participation in an infant stimulation program. Some research has investigated services sought by families (Moran, 1982), and much research has been done on parental perceptions and attitudes towards handicapped children (Blacher & Meyers, 1983; Blackard & Barsh, 1982; Gumz & Gub- rium, 1972). Others have studied how best to formulate an evaluation instrument for a parental program (Judson & Burden, 1980; Schaefer & Bell, 1958). But there appears to be no current research on the effects of an infant stimulation program on parents' attitudes towards their handicapped child. [...]



Children with disabilities--Family relationships, Children with disabilities--Care, Parent and child