A study of competency behaviors for elementary teachers in bilingual environments



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The problem of this study was to determine from a list of competencies (utilizing a rating questionnaire) which competencies were perceived as essential skills for the preparation of bilingual teachers. Additionally, the study answered the following questions: (a) How did two regional groups of teachers working in bilingual programs rate the 67 competencies? (b) How did the selected group of bilingual authorities rate the same set of 67 competencies? (c) What were the similarities and differences in the ratings of competencies among the teacher groups and the bilingual authorities? and (d) Which competencies emerged that could serve as a framework for the development of bilingual teacher preparation programs? The study was based on a sample drawn from two regional groups of bilingual elementary teachers in the State of Texas; of these, 83 were from the Valley area and 75 were from Houston. Samples drawn from each of the teacher groups were computed through the application of the NEA Small Sample Formula (1960). A group of 70 bilingual authorities from throughout the United States, including Texas, also participated. [...]