A database design tool for the entity-category-relationship model



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A user-friendly Database Design Tool based on the Entity-Category-Relationship (ECR) model is developed in this thesis. This tool provides the user with the following capabilities : 1. To create an ECR database schema by using the schema design system. 2. Specify transactions which can be used to update the database by using the transaction design system. This tool is an implementation of the GORDAS (Graph-Oriented Data Selection) DDL statements proposed for the ECR database model. An important feature of the database design tool is its user-friendliness. The user is guided through the list of options, straight-forward questions, help and schema display facilities in this system. In doing this, the system actually converts the database/transaction design into a sequence of (1) selection of multiple choices, (2) answers to true/false questions, (3) the input to the inquires of key information such as datatypes, class name and expressions, etc. This approach makes the database/transaction design easier and friendly for a user who knows little of the ECR database model as well as for an experienced user. It can also be considered as a training tool as well.



System design, Database management