A study in relationships between practical application of theories and concepts to electrical/electronic drafting programs and the resulting level of retention and efficiency



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The purpose of this study was to determine if a relationship existed between teaching the application of theories and concepts along with the standard drafting problems and the resulting retention and efficiency. Two groups of subjects were involved, one receiving traditional instruction (the control group) and the other receiving additional instruction in theory and concepts (the experimental group) and the application of the two. The data culminating from the study showed a significant increase in learning by the experimental group compared with the control group. The study was initiated to develop methods of instruction that would improve the job entry level capabilities of students enrolled in vocational-technical courses in post secondary institutions. An electrical-electronics drafting course was selected as the study area due to its relative infancy when compared with the other drafting programs to show that even though it is a relatively new subject area, the methodology used in teaching the course rapidly becomes obsolete due to the continuing advancement of technology.



Electrical drafting--Study and teaching