Modelling control system with industrial specifications



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In the synthesis of control systems, first the design goals are often specified. Then appropriate compensators are chosen to achieve the design goals. In order to design a control system more effectively, the practicing engineers are quite often required to construct a standard mathematical model by using industrial specifications which are assigned. In this thesis, a new method is presented to construct the standard mathematical model for single variable and multivariable systems. The steps of research are listed as follows: First, a second-order model with a phase advance factor is established to investigate the relationship between the time domain specifications and frequency domain specifications. Next, an original synthesis method is established to construct a high order standard model by using industrial specifications. Two elegant methods are derived to improve the convergence of the Newton- Raphson multidimensional method. Finally, a method is presented to formulate a multivariable control system in the frequency domain and in the time domain by using industrial specifications.