Computer-Assisted Instruction for Music | Uniform Titles



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Public-Access Computer Systems Review


Despite its lack of relevance to many of the problems that beset the world, music, by its global appeal in many styles and forms has achieved status as a subject for both formal and informal study. Although it is one of the most widely loved and practiced of the arts, it remains one of the most obscure because of a technical language that sets it apart from literature and the visual arts. Yet its language is an international one. English-speaking musicians can play from French, German, or Soviet editions even though they may be unable to read the title pages. Recordings may set forth a composition's title or text in assorted tongues depending upon where the discs are produced or marketed, even though the musical content is unchanged. Richard Wagner's opera Goetterdaemmerung is just as likely to be identified as Twilight of the Gods or Crepuscule des Dieux.




Fling, R. Michael. "Computer-Assisted Instruction for Music | Uniform Titles." Public-Access Computer Systems Review 1, no.1 | (1990): 23-33.