The relationship between quality circles and teacher satisfaction



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This study was designed to examine the relationship of teacher participation in Quality Circles to teacher satisfaction. Specifically, an effort was made to determine if the introduction of Quality Circles increased teacher's satisfaction by meeting their self esteem needs for achievement, recognition, and growth. Sixty-four volunteers were solicited from seven elementary schools in a large suburban school district in Harris County, Texas. Volunteers were randomly assigned to either a control or experimental group. The experimental participants formed nine Quality Circles of between four and eight members. One volunteer from each circle was trained in the Quality Circle techniques to serve as circle leader. Circles began to meet in October and continued to meet weekly for one hour throughout the school year. The Job Diagnostic Survey was administered twice to the participants, once prior to the circles meeting and at the conclusion of the experiment. In addition, a series of participant observations were conducted during the experiment. Structured interviews were held with the participants after the experiment was concluded. [...]



Teachers--Texas--Harris County--Job satisfaction, Elementary school teachers--Texas--Harris County, Quality circles