How Can We Mitigate Flooding in Houston?



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Flooding is a very serious environmental problem. When I was in China, my city Guangzhou was always flooding from the heavy rain. During the flooding, residents could not go to work and this had a dramatic influence on the city’s economy. Some people even lost their personal belongings in the flooding because they lived in the low-lying area. I lived in a tall building so the flooding did not impact me very much. But, when I moved to Houston four years ago I realized Houston experiences more rain -especially during summer. Rain causes flooding and has influence on our normal lives, we can lose our homes and even loved ones. I do not want more flooding to come to my community and destroy people’s homes and lives. Starting with the topic of flooding, I set up Buffalo Bayou as my observation site because many residents live downtown and Buffalo Bayou is located near downtown. Then I went to the UH Special Collections Department to gather some information about flooding, I focused on the bayou flooding, and my keyword was flooding. Then, I found some useful scholarly articles that discussed the local government’s actions regarding the flooding. Furthermore, I found many different viewpoints from the articles.



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