Effect of pole location on network sensitivity



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Formulas of sensitivity are reviewed, and. Kuo's definition of network sensitivity is used, to develop a computer program to calculate the sensitivity of the polynomial of the network's poles or zeros to variations of a parameter. Typical computer results are given. Computer programs are designed to investigate the effect of pole, zero location on RO ladder network elements. It is shown that the sensitivity of elements with respect to pole, zero location will Increase when a pole and a zero approach each other, and that the sensitivity of the portion farther from the input is higher than that of the near portion. McRuer and Stapleford’s definition of sensitivity of feedback control systems is adopted to develop a computer program which calculates the sensitivity of the location of closed-loop poles with respect to open-loop poles and zeros. This sensitivity concept is extended to develop computer methods to design a compensation network with the specified, sensitivity on the closed-loop pole with respect to an element. These programs are verified by root locus plots of the calculated computer results.