Identification and resolution of problems generated by the application of electronic data processing to student management systems in selected school districts



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The purpose of the study was to determine ways of structuring training programs for users of electronic data processing services through analysis of problem resolution and resource utilization in selected school districts. Problems involved in the study included: (1) the identification of problems confronted by the users of electronic data processing services; (2) the identification of resources utilized in resolving problems. Procedures for improving the training process for users were proposed based on the findings in problems one and two above. A review of selected literature revealed that electronic data processing services were successfully automating school managerial tasks and that the need for training educators in the use of computers and in the utilization of the information made available through automation is critical. Three interviews were conducted with the school district data processing coordinators from nine school districts which had participated in automated pupil scheduling, attendance accounting, grade reporting, and the master file maintenance systems. Interview One identified the problems as being resolved or unresolved, Interview Two identified the resources generally used in problem resolution, while Interview Three identified specific resources which were effectively applied in resolution of problems. [...]



Education--Data processing, School management and organization