The effects of the street survival skills questionnaire curriculum guide on adaptive behavior among developmentally disabled adolescents



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One of the major goals in special education today is to prepare handicapped youth to function more effectively in mainstream society. In order to meet that goal the implementation of effective curricula is necessary. The present study was designed to ascertain the effectiveness of the Street Survival Skills Curriculum Guide (SSSQ/CG) in developing the adaptive behavior of developmentally disabled adolescents as measured by the Street Survival Skills Questionnaire (SSSQ). Also of concern was determining the differential effects of the SSSQ/CG in developing adaptive behavior in intermediate grade level as compared to secondary grade level developmentally disabled students. Forty-three developmentally disabled students enrolled in five self-contained classes in a school district which lies north of Houston, Texas were used as subjects in this study. The subjects study had a mean IQ of 47.74 (SD = 13.07) and a mean chronological age of 16.19 (SD = 2.47). [...]



Developmentally disabled--Rehabilitation, People with mental disabilities--Rehabilitation, Adaptability (Psychology)