An investigation of arbitration cases involving selected industrial engineering techniques



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This thesis has as its purpose the determination of the need for arbitrators with a knowledge of certain industrial engineering techniques, and the technological base of the industry. The procedure to be followed in this investigation is first to limit the techniques considered to wage incentives and job evaluation. The investigation consists of (1) a review of the literature to determine the history of arbitration, the selection of arbitrators, the citing of cases involving industrial engineering techniques, and laws relating to the arbitration process, (2) a review of the principles of the techniques involved in the cited cases, (3) a review of the background of arbitrators presiding during the hearing of the cited cases, (4) an analysis of the cases and the background of the arbitrators, and (5) a determination of the need for arbitrators versed in the techniques of industrial engineering. Information and principles involving the techniques of job evaluation and wage incentives were taken from various technical books utilized by industrial engineers. Vernon's Annotated Revised Civil Statutes of the State Of Texas were used to determine the law regarding arbitration. All volumes of Labor Arbitration Reports and Labor Arbitration Cumulative Digest and Index with Table of Cases were reviewed to obtain arbitration cases and arbitrators' background. The author concludes that to analyze properly the arguments presented by labor and management, and to make an adequate decision on the evidence presented, the arbitrator should have a knowledge of the technological base of the subject industry, as well as the industrial engineering techniques. Also, when technical information is presented in evidence, it is highly desirable that the arbitrator, to comprehend the technical material, have a technical background. It was further concluded from information available that there is a shortage and therefore need for arbitrators having a knowledge of industrial engineering techniques and the technological base of the industry.