Interactive seismic processing parameter selection



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A computer program entitled INTER ACT has been written to perform interactive, computer-graphics-aided seismic data processing using a VAX 11/780 computer, a LEXIDATA SzIOO color graphics system, and an ADAGE 3000 color graphics system. INTERACT was developed as a base to which users can add processing steps, or modify the existing graphics subroutines for other processing needs. The primary features of INTERACT are a cross-correlation phase analysis option, whereby a frequency domain zero-phase operator is interactively designed, single channel frequency filtering, wavelet extraction using well log information, and spectral analysis. In the first two of the above listed features the user interactively selects processing parameters and subsequently processes the seismic data using these parameters. The following displays may all be viewed on the graphics screens upon request; a window of a seismic section, a seismic trace selected from the seismic section, a filtered version of the trace, a wavelet extracted from a trace, cross-correlation functions, and frequency spectra. Examples with synthetic data and real seismic and well log data from the Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia suggest that INTERACT is both user friendly and a valuable processing tool.



Seismic waves--Data processing