Constant sensitivity quantitative differential thermal analysis and high pressure thermoanalytical instrumentation and their applications to chermical problems



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The development of a quantitative differential thermal analysis apparatus having a constant sensitivity is described. The capabilities of the apparatus are demonstrated in two systems. The first system is that in which symmetrical curve peaks are produced, such as fusion. The second system is that in which unsymmetrical or multicurve peaks are produced, such as dehydration of metal salt hydrates. The development of several high pressure thermoanalytical apparatus is described. The following instruments were constructed: differential thermal analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, electrical conductivity and thermogravimetry-magnetic susceptibility. The instrumentation is used to study the dehydration of metal salt hydrate systems at elevated pressures. The use of the thermogravimetry-magnetic susceptibility apparatus is illustrated by the reinvestigation of the solid-state thermal oxidation-reduction reaction of K[lowered 3][Co(C[lowered 2]O[lowered 4])[lowered 3]][dot]3H[lowered 2]O.