A microcomputer system for identification of a power system



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The application of an exponential-function scheme (time-domain method) for the identification of a laboratorysize motor-generator unit is described in this thesis. Several modifications performed upon the system so as to make it suitable for this experiment are presented. The steps followed in the design of a 12-bit Analog to Digital conversion computer card are explained. Under microcomputer control, unit step inputs are employed to perturb the system and generate data for the identification algorithm. Two loops, the excitation circuit and the governor control (simulated by a direct current machine) are considered. The response of two system outputs (real power and reactive power) are monitored by the microcomputer through a transducer-signal conditioning box. The difference between the response of the system and its identified model is described by an error function, which can be taken as a measure of performance.



Electric power systems--Data processing