Interoperability in Smartgrids Using OPC Unified Architecture



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Powergrids are the largest networks on the planet. But they are quickly becoming fractured and impervious to data analysis. Smartgrids are the next logical iteration they are moving towards. Microgrid architecture proposes smartgrids in their distributed form. All these iterations of next generation networks demand seamless interoperability. This work intends to find appropriate standards that allow homogenous integration of conventional and next generation grids. Literature review is done to find existing solutions and possible research leads. OPC Unified Architecture protocol specifications that allow inter-operation of automation systems were discussed in depth to make a case for its utility. Finally, a testbed using OPC enabled server-client architecture on a virtual smartgrid was created from scratch. Performance evaluation of proposed interoperability solution using OPC UA was then carried out to verify the merit.



Smartgrid, OPC UA