The development, application and appraisal of an industrial education program



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The present study evolved from an interest in the educational development of the adult in industry. A major purpose of this study was to demonstrate that the goals of teamwork and production in business and industry can best be achieved by a well rounded adult education program. Another purpose was to present a case for considering the terms 'training' and 'education' as synomymous, and to illustrate the feasibility of Education Departments training personnel for 'industrial teaching.' A general education program on practical politics was developed and presented to roughly 5,000 employees of an oil and gas company. Employees met in groups of from 10 to 25 at work locations and attended three sessions on successive days. In this study two research methods were used. Employee groups at most locations filled out anonymous self-administered questionnaires before and after attending the program, under supervision of the instructor. In addition, informal interviews were held with an occasional employee during the months when the course was in operation. These employees were randomly selected and the inquiry focused on, (1) the performance of discussion leaders, (2) understanding of the material covered, and (3) employee opinion of the program.



Employees--Training of