Shared Determinants Within the Typology of Morality Policy



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Although many political science scholars have studied morality policy and its determinants, few have aggregated the data to examine the presence of common determinants throughout the morality policy typology. This is problematic because the morality policy typology is constructed, and therefore policies can be added or dropped over time; therefore, the policies within the typology may not share the same determinants. This research examines the liberalness of all fifty states based on morality policies enacted as of 2008, and uses a factor analysis to demonstrate the common determinants shared amongst these policies across state lines. I find public opinion or ideology, as expected, is the most common determinant across all policies examined. However, most policies within the morality typology are more likely to be influenced by unique determinants than common factors, meaning policies within the morality typology may be influenced more by state level politics than typology wide determinants.



Morality policy