The development of a conceptualized model for occupational education with computer adaptability



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The purpose of this study was to analyze the occupational education department of a community college, and to develop a model that would facilitate the decision-making process of administrators who are responsible for the allocation of resources within that department. Four problems were identified for this study: 1. To develop a conceptualized model that would help occupational education administrators make decisions concerning the overall allocation of resources. 2. To develop an electronic data processing system for storage, retrieval, and processing of data used in decision making. 3. To develop an array of the characteristics of the types of decisions which must be made, so that these characteristics may be used as criteria to facilitate the setting of priorities. 4. To organize the model so as to treat data in four dimensions (a) students enrolled in their respective occupational programs, (b) faculty required to provide these programs, (c) physical facilities required for these programs, and (d) financial resources required to carry on these programs. [...]



Vocational education--Data processing, Education--Data processing