The effect of teacher knowledge, involvement, beliefs, and context on content decisions of elementary physical education teachers



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Teachers have a great amount of freedom in determining the content of their classes. This is particularly true in physical education, where there is usually no textbook as an explicit topic guide. Ultimately the individual teacher determines what students will actually do each day. What factors influence these curriculum content decisions? Current emphasis on physical fitness for the nation's youth and the inclusion of physical fitness as an essential element in physical education in Texas schools prompted the selection of physical fitness activities as the area of focus. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of instructor knowledge of physical fitness concepts, personal involvement in physical fitness activities, beliefs about the practicality of fitness activities in class, beliefs about the importance of fitness activities for students, and school context with the use of aerobic fitness activities in physical education class. The subjects were 39 fourth grade physical education teachers in three school districts in South Texas. [...]



Physical education and training, Physical education teachers