High-temperature electromagnetic properties of reservoir rocks at UHF



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A laboratory facility designed for measuring the dielectric properties of reservoir rocks at elevated temperature is described. The set-up is based on the automatic network analyzer and the coaxial-line sample holder system that has been developed for dielectric constant measurement in the frequency range 800 to 1200 MHz at room temperature. An oven and a temperature controller have been added to that system for measurement at elevated temperatures. Measured data of several dry rock samples are presented. It is found that the dielectric constant of these dry rocks is not sensitive to the change in temperature in the temperature range 25 to 85 [degrees]C and in the frequency range 800 to 1200 MHz. Measurements have also been conducted on rocks saturated with deionized water as well as on rocks saturated with water of various salinities. The effect of temperature on the dielectric properties of these rock samples is discussed.



Dielectric measurements, Rocks--Electric properties