The New Right : study of a social movement and its rhetoric



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The author of this paper addresses the question of whether the "New Right" is a social movement. Social movement theories are studied and the author develops her own theory and social movement model based on the theories presented by Bowers, Ochs, Smelzer, and Heath. The author then delves into the history of conservatism and the history of religious involvement in politics. The paper focuses on the New Right of 1980, discussing who is involved, the goals of the group, the target audience appealed to, the strategies and tacti cs used, and the impact of the New Right on the 1980 elections. The responsiveness of the status quo, liberal reactions and how the future looks for the New Right are also considered. The author finally applies her social movement model to the actions of the New Right and concludes that the New Right can indeed be considered a significant social movement.



Conservatism--United States