Response stereotypy in psychophysiological research : a change analysis approach



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A change analysis approach was used to examine three physiological measures for Group Specific Response patterns. Slope and intercept estimates and means were derived for heart rate, skin conductance, and muscle tension measures using a linear regression of Score on Time. The means and estimates were then placed into 2 by 4 (Group by Condition) and 2 by 2 (Group by Demand) repeated measures MANOVAs. These MANOVAs tested for the presence of a Group Specific Response (GSR) pattern; no significant patterns were located in either group for any measure. The analyses were conducted on 14 Panic disorder patients and 14 matched controls. Although no significant patterns were detected, the use of this approach provided precise information about the level of change, the rate of change and the direction of change. This approach's ability to identify precise aspects of response patterns and its efficient use of multiwave data makes it particularly suited to psychophysiological data sets.



Psychophysiology, Methodology, Panic, Physiological aspects