A study, using CUPM recommendations as criteria, of selected components of the two-year college mathematics programs in seven states



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Purposes. The purposes of this study were an examination of the curricular offerings of the two-year college mathematics departments, the academic preparation of the faculty members, and the journal subscriptions of the colleges using the CUPM recommendations as criteria. The study sought to determine if the state in which the colleges were located or the size of the colleges had any bearing on the degree to which the colleges satisfied CUPM recommendations. It also had as its purpose to ascertain the reasons for deviations from CUPM recommendations and the opinions of the faculty members concerning certain recommendations. Finally, it sought to define the courses which the colleges taught, the courses the faculty members had taken as academic preparation, and the journals to which the colleges subscribed. Procedures. A random selection of ten small, those with enrollments of fewer than 2000 students, and ten large, those with enrollments of 2000 students or more, two-year colleges were chosen from each of the states of California, Florida, Michigan, New York, and Texas. In addition, ten small colleges were chosen in Kansas and ten large colleges were chosen in Washington. The college catalogs and the total enrollment for the fall semester of 1970 were obtained from each college. Next the chairmen of the mathematics departments in each of the colleges was contacted and the aid of him and his department was enlisted. Then he was mailed a series of five checklists. The members of the department were mailed one checklist. Each checklist was accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope for returning it. [...]



Mathematics--Study and teaching (Higher)--United States, Junior colleges