Simulating Quantum Light-Matter Interaction for Complex Systems in Optical Cavities



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Light-matter interaction is typically modeled in a semi-classical fashion where a classical electromagnetic field interacts with quantized matter. Although it is a powerful approach, it overlooks quantum mechanical features of light. A fully quantum mechanical treatment can be useful for probing the complex interactions within the matter. This project aims at modeling a fully quantum light-matter interaction in an open quantum system approach. The studied systems consist of material samples placed inside optical cavities that help enhance light-matter interaction as well as control the properties of light. The results reveal signatures of different intra-material interactions on the light emitted from the cavity. Particularly, the investigations focus on the effect of these interaction on spectral properties and statistical correlations of the emitted photons. Finally, a sample of much experimental and theoretical interest, the Light Harvesting Complex II, is studied with this approach. Ultimately, the relationships between observable properties of emitted light and intra-material interactions developed in these investigations can open new pathways for spectroscopy.



light matter interaction, Open quantum system, optical cavity, light harvesting complex, polariton dynamics