A descriptive comparison among Black, Brown and White youth in vocational education in Texas



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Need for the Study. In general, administrators, guidance personnel, and teachers havetoo little information regarding their students1 attitudes and preferences in relation to vocational education and have not developed instrumentation which will facilitate gathering the required information. Further, virtually no complete data pertaining to the graduates of vocational education and their current labor market status have been found. In every community involved in the study, school personnel indicated the need for an instrument such as follow-up questionnaires that would give them the desired information as well as a follow-up instrument that could be used to assess the success and relevance of vocational education. Statement of the Problem. The primary goal of this research is to provide a study of vocational education in selected Texas high schools, with specific focus on a comparison among the three primary student ethnic groups: 1. To document and profile the educational and training experiences of Anglo, Black and Mexican-American high school students; and 2. To profile the youth who are in occupational education in Texas, both in terms of preparation for and participation in occupational education. [...]



Vocational education--Texas, African American students--Texas, Mexican Americans--Education--Texas