Houston's Urban Farming Scene Research Project



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The area of study for my research was urban farming in Houston. The objective of this research is to help tell Houston's urban farming history and analyze whether marginalized groups are increasingly gaining access to fresh food and the impact that has had on their community involvement and advocacy. In conducting this research, I searched through newspaper clippings, and conducted interviews. This method was optimal considering the pandemic, and the lack of existing research on the topic. Ultimately, my findings answered the question: What impact does Houston's Urban Farming scene have on community involvement and local advocacy efforts? The positive impact urban farming has on the community of Houston is seen through the surging of conversations on environmental racism, how food is produced, and the environmental landscape of Houston and what it is lacking. Prior to the existence of urban farming, community members knew even less about where their food came from, and about connecting to the earth through your diet for an overall healthier lifestyle. Through my interview with Tommy Garcia-Prats, I gathered that even today, Houstonians consider the lack of green space in the city normal, and have accepted an unhealthy lifestyle, largely because that is all they know since they grew up in an industrial city. The research conducted has begun to tell the history of urban farming in Houston, but there are years of history and intersectionality between health, nature, and community, that has not been told through this project. Thus, the research will continue.