Fabrication and Characterization of GelMA Filled Nanoliposomes for Delivery Applications



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Nano-scale liposomes have been studied for years as carriers for drug delivery. They include phospholipid bilayers that can protect encapsulated drugs inside against certain outside factors. Research on liposomes has focused on different aspects of these carriers, ranging from the ability of nanoliposomes for encapsulating different substances to their biodistribution and cargo release. Recently, encapsulation of polymers such as hydrogels inside nanoliposomes have been explored as a strategy to improve their stability and cargo release behavior. Dr. Majdï¾’s group is currently investigating how encapsulation of different hydrogels in liposomes can affect their properties as delivery carriers. As part of this effort, and a continuation of my previous work in her lab, my project focused on preparation and characterization of nanoliposomes loaded with Gelatin methacryloyl (GelMA) hydrogel. I came up with the optimal protocol to encapsulate GelMA in nanoliposomes during the course of SURF and tested a couple of their properties. These included characterizing the gel-loaded liposomes for size distribution and zeta potential using dynamic light scattering (DLS) and laser Doppler electrophoresis, as well as their size distribution after adding triton X.